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Introduction to ARC

ARC is a advertising and marketing club which has been specially designed to help internet marketers promote their business, product, website, service or opportunity to other like minded individuals.

Whilst you get to enjoy highly targeted web traffic for your advertising campaigns you will also have the potential to earn up to $149 cash reward for each (TAR) textual advertising reward package you purchase. No sponsoring, selling, surfing, clicking, or subscriptions necessary!

Furthermore as an additional incentive for active recruiters you will also have the potential to earn even more cash rewards, up to $5.00 per referral that you have personally sponsored.

Banner and side banner image advertising credits (not included in the TAR package) which may purchased additionally for increased impact and web exposure.

Why join the club?

  • Get highly targeted web traffic.
  • Purchase advertising credits from as low as $1.00
  • Purchase TAR packages from only $25.00 per pack.
  • Potential to earn up to $140 cash reward per TAR purchase.
  • Potential to earn up to $5 per referral sponsored.
  • FREE 1500 advertising credits signup bonus!
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